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Ian Micallef is a Visual Designer based out of New York City.

He’s had the privilege of designing at HBO, Sony Music, and Discovery Channel and has produced work for Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Daft Punk, J. Cole, Lionel Richie, and John Legend, amongst others.

He believes in collaborating with clients, finding their underlying needs, and crafting a strategic solution to meet those objectives. Each design being focused on the user engagement. Each detail having purpose.

Past Talks


Create A Website & App Prototype, Easily and Without Coding

  • 02.18.16 / Spotify
  • 02.24.2016 / UX Lab
  • 04.09.2016 / Q.E.D.

Photoshop: Learn the Basics for Your Everyday Needs

  • 02.15.16 / UX Lab
  • 02.28.16 / Q.E.D.

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